Extreme Easter Holidays

It’s the Easter holidays and everyone’s busy!  Well, last week less so because the girls were away with their grandparents in Hatfield.

But now they’re BACK and things is CRAZY!

To be fair, it’s not just them.  I’ve had a sudden flurry of “going out” – three nights in a row out with friends, for gigs, birthdays, and lectures by SELFS (the South East London Folklore Society).

Three nights on the…

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It’s the Easter holidays, which means there’s baking going on downstairs, which inevitably means this…

MillieChocolate and this 2014-04-11 14.11.59

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Hear ye, hear ye!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Miss Millie Carter doth wish it known that she hath blogged twice more.

It’s 90% her own work, I merely added the images for her and corrected some minor errors.  I am her edidad.

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Phablet fan club

The trees are bright with blossoms, the birds are singing, the sun is shining – it can only mean one thing: new ‘phone time here in Bexley!

I’ve had my brilliant, trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 2for almost two years now – the best phone I’ve ever had, bar none.  Sadly, the screen recently cracked and it just wasn’t as fast as it once was.  Much as it pained me (because I love that phone) I began to…

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New look for Millie

New look for Millie

Millie’s room has had a massive makeover – the first for some years.

wpid-20140407_091557_hdr.jpgShe’s going to be nine years old in a few months and the previous look, lovely as it was, was starting to seem a bit baby-ish.  I hope you’ll agree that this room is a lot more grown-up.

The new look is mostly lilac (previously, one wall was yellow, one pink, another green…) which, whilst obviously not a “boy” room, isn’t too…

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Friends round after school

Friends round after school

Amber’s friend from school, Izzy, came round after school tonight.  At one point the two of them had a screaming contest.

Even Millie was worn out by it: she came upstairs and joined me in the bedroom where I was working; she didn’t say anything, just rolled her eyes, plopped herself on the bed and carried on playing some kind of butterfly game on the tablet.

Before the screaming contest they all…

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I’m terrible at DIY.  And putting furniture together.  And “doing” the garden.  I can wire a plug but that’s about the limit of my practical skills.

2014-03-30 13.03.26So I tried to ignore the prospect of destroying and creating a bed for Millie at the weekend.  Especially the “destruction” part, because Millie’s bed was a struggle to put together – it weighs a bloody ton and almost defeated the efforts of myself…

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Google dongle doesn’t disappoint!

Google dongle doesn’t disappoint!

I bought a Chromecast over the weekend – it wasn’t planned, but reviews elsewhere persuaded me it was worth the £30 pricetag.

And “reviews elsewhere” were right.

Chromecast dongleChromecast is a tiny little device from Google that plugs into the back of your TV (into an HDMI port, to be precise).  With it plugged in and switched on you can then view – or “cast” as Google calls it – videos, pictures, music and…

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A chip off the old blog

A chip off the old blog

Welcome to the newest member of the Carter blogging family – Millie – who now has her very own blog, Marvellous Millie’s Magnificent Life.

She’s been nagging me to set up a blog for months now, and we finally got round to it tonight.

How long will it last?  Well, The Truth has been going for 13 years now, so who knows…

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Giant Pancakes

2014-03-19 13.31.14Who’s the best dad ever?

Ah, yes, that would be me – with the help of these GIANT PANCAKES I’ve snatched that prestigious award from under the nose of some guy who saved for five years to take his sick son to Disneyworld.

Amber loves Scotch Pancakes, so buying these was a no-brainer when I saw them in the Co-Op today.

“Can I have a Scotch Pancake?” was her first question when we got home after…

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