Release the bats - er, butterflies!

If you’ve ever needed cheering up then I highly recommend letting some small(-ish) children keep some caterpillars; watch them turn into a chrysalis, hatch, and then release them into the wild.

We’ve had some caterpillars for about a month now; they hatched from their chrysalises on Friday and were released Sunday, once they were strong enough to fly.

The girls have been fascinated by the whole…

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I’m back at work!

It’s true – I’m sat in a lovely office in a converted church on London’s not-so-fashionable Pentonville Road.  I’m now a technical writer rather than a copywriter (but the difference between the two is smaller than you’d think).

The Lovely Melanie is very happy, Millie and Amber less so – the first thing they asked was “Do we have to go to after-school club?”

The answer?  Yes; and four days a…

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Looms and Mines

Minecraft has arrived in our house.

Following hot on the heels of the loom band craze, which itself replaced the craze for anything Frozen, it’s not something you can complain about, what with it being all educational and stuff.

Loom bands are still big news but they’re no longer the only game in town, for Millie at least.  She’s moved on from bracelets to making small animals, then accessories…

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Back to school 2014

Once again, as tradition now demands, I present Millie & Amber on the first day of the school year. 

Back to school 2014

Once again, as tradition now demands, I present Millie & Amber on the first day of the school year. 

Return of the prodigal

Return of the prodigal

Let’s just pretend I haven’t been away for the best part of a month, shall we?  Imagine there wasn’t an August in 2014. ;-)

People have asked what happened: was I too depressed to write?  Kidnapped by aliens?  Taken a vow of silence?  Broken both wrists?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure myself.  I joked about taking time off to look after the girls over the school summer holidays, but actually…

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Yes and no answers only

Yes and no answers only

Yes, I’m still unemployed (had a couple of close calls where I almost ended up working for a couple of companies I don’t personally like, but at the end of the day they decided against hiring me – phew, moral dilemma averted!) but the Lovely Melanie is returning to full-time work in September, which takes a little of the heat off me…

No, I don’t know if this blog is going to get back on track…

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R.I.P. Sparkle the gerbil

R.I.P. Sparkle the gerbil

Alas, poor Sparkle the gerbil, we knew her well…

Since 2010, in fact; but we awoke this morning to find she’d sadly died, after almost four years (and two other gerbils) in the family.

Farewell, Sparkle – or Sparks as I affectionately called her.

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First Phone

Kids – they’re a chip off the old block, eh?

Mine certainly are.  We gave Millie her first mobile phone at the weekend – before everyone starts shouting She’s only nine! or We had to make do with a stick and a hoop in my day! I should point out that this phone doesn’t have a sim card.

Millie's phone

Millie’s phone

So, technically, it’s not a phone.

And we didn’t buy it – it’s the Lovely Melanie’s old phone –…

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LeeFest 2014!

Crumbs, has it really been 13 days?

I lost a few days last week to illness and worries about being unemployed (again); then there was the time spent trying to get re-employed, which is a bloody long job.  I spent the best part of a day rewriting the covering letter I send to potential employers, making it worthy of a good copywriter; it must have worked because the next application I sent came…

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A story for Millie’s birthday

A story for Millie’s birthday

As you may know, last week was Millie’s ninth birthday.  She made me promise to write her a story, just as I do for both girls at Christmas, but this would be just for her.

What with all the recent drama about unemployment I really didn’t think it would get done…but the final draft spilled onto the page just in time.

Who says I can’t hit my deadlines? ;-)

So, please enjoy this story, written to…

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